Benefits Of Fitness Training

Benefits of Outdoor Fitness Training

For all Ultimate players looking to improve some level of outdoor fitness is essential. The benefits aren’t hard to think of. Fitness training will make you stronger, faster, more agile, fitter and mentally prepared for the key moments in every game. One regularly overlooked benefit of fitness training is the impact on the technical side of your game. Simulating common occurrence movements from Ultimate in training allows your body to perform them quicker, smoother and with far greater accuracy.

 In my opinion the best reasons for fitness training are because you enjoy doing so and you enjoy the positive impact on how you play and how you feel when you’re playing. On top of this many players have goals that they want to reach; some want to make the first team outdoors in March; others want to make EMO1 in the summer. But to my mind simply wanting to play better Ultimate is by far a good enough reason.

This year we will be running performance focused and carefully planned fitness sessions each week. These sessions will largely be based around resources from Tim Morrill- an American Ultimate Frisbee fitness guru. We intend to keep the sessions varied leading to new challenges each week across the four keys areas of fitness: Speed, Agility, Strength and Power. My experience of fitness training tells me that sessions can be great fun when carried out in groups, with a sense of camaraderie lifting spirits and allowing players to keep working hard. My primary objectives are to ensure these sessions are educational, interesting and fun! Hopefully they’ll help you improve too.


Benefits of Gym Training

Gym training has 2 very important roles for ultimate players: increasing leg strength and preventing injuries

The first breaks down to a very simple idea – the stronger the muscles in your legs, the more force you can exert on the ground. This means you can accelerate, decelerate, turn, and sprint faster and jump higher than you could without any gym training. The additional strength also helps you to control your movements and stay on balance better. All these attributes will improve any players cutting and defence immeasurably. The immediacy of these results is surprising; for example, within just 2 or 3 weeks of starting to go to the gym last year, I was noticeably faster and could play for longer. Training in the gym consistently this year has improved the height of my jump and the power of my turns and I would not be the player I am without this work.

Injury prevention for all parts of the legs can also be done in the gym using single-limb (unilateral) exercises that train loads of stabilising muscles around joints like the knees and hips. This is really important because ultimate is such an explosive sport that it is easy to push physical capabilities and if your body does not have good support and stability muscles, injuries will happen.

So, why go to the gym? To get strong in the right places and to keep your body prepared.



Andy and Robbie will be organising and running gym and outdoor fitness sessions throughout term 1. Let them know you’re interested for more details.

Andrew Hillman

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